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Dr. Ian Campbell is dedicated to diagnosing and treating lameness problems in the performance horse. Routine musculoskeletal and lameness examinations begin by watching the horse move in a circle and straight line on a firm surface. Flexion stress tests are performed. The limbs are palpated to detect heat, sensitivity and inflammation. Hoof capsule discomfort is evaluated with hoof testers. The horse may also be evaluated in soft, deep ground and under saddle. Diagnostic regional and/or joint nerve blocks are performed to pinpoint the area of lameness and to thoroughly address multiple leg lameness issues. When a region of pain is isolated the area may be imaged using x-ray and/or ultrasound to better devise a treatment plan. At Santa Lucia Farm we understand that the goal is to return the horse to performance as quickly as possible but ultimately the long term health of the horse is the most important factor.


Radiographs: Santa Lucia Farm uses the Cuattro Digital x-ray system. Completely wireless and cordless! Amazing quality images are obtained instantly.

Ultrasound: The MyLabOmega ultrasound system is used to image distal limbs, stifles, cervical facets, back abnormalities and for ultrasound guided procedures such as stem cell/PRP therapies, sacro-illiac and cervical facet injections.

MRI and Nuclear Scintigraphy: Available through Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Clinic located less than 5 miles away.


Treatment options are tailored to suite each individual situation. From sport medicine joint injections, to Tildren infusions, to regenerative therapies such as IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein), PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and Stem cell therapy a treatment plan and rehabilitation program will be devised to best return the horse to athletic function.


Dr Ian Campbell is a Certified Farrier. He spends two days a week in the podiatry clinic at Santa Lucia Farm shoeing specialty cases. Problems such as laminitis, pedal osteitis, quarter cracks, white line disease, hoof wall deviations, coffin bone fractures and caudal heel syndrome are addressed on a daily basis. Dr. Campbell’s main goal is to implement therapeutic and corrective shoeing, but ultimately wants to work with the referring farrier to better serve the horse. Hoof balance and support are critically important for the performance horse.


Santa Lucia Farm has an unparalleled veterinary supervised conditioning and rehabilitation program.

Aquatread Therapy: This low impact strength training is great exercise for the horse’s body and mind. Tendon and ligament injuries benefit from controlled exercise designed to stretch and strengthen without impact. Aquatread therapy addresses this need. Our outdoor covered unit stays heated to 82 degrees. The horses really enjoy it!

Eurociser: The 4 horse paneled liberty walker has groomed rubber footing.

Exercise Under Saddle: Santa Lucia Farm offers both English and Western conditioning under saddle in one of two sand arenas.

Turn Out: We offer various sized dry lot and individual grass paddocks for turn out.


Santa Lucia Farm performs routine performance teeth floating, advanced floats and extractions.